Zuckerberg is a CIA actor? [ConspiracyAlert]


So, I find this topic. Interested to see what do you guys think about it


It’s literally a copy of an Onion article: https://www.theonion.com/cias-facebook-program-dramatically-cut-agencys-costs-1819594988


I’ve heard that the CIA used to drug people with LSD in the past, and from this “I’m a human” Zuck’s video, I think that they’ve restored this benevolent practice :thinking:


Yep, I understand that this story came from “yellow newspaper” and it’s literally fake fun story. But again, this is why such conspiracy teories attract an attention - because you understand that this can be true. Especially with all this things with “Analytica” company and sensorship, related to news media in US. Same thing actually in Russua too. They really brainwashing minds of their people and use all dirty tricks, like troll factory, etc.

Actually, in my country, Ukraine - there also a lot of controversy with current CEO of Google Ukraine, he is a strange guy that was connected to our goverment representatives and have a few cases of corruption, related to “ghost” real estate property, that he start to buy in the last few years(sad that even in tech we have the same problems…)