You started writing a story...AI will finish it

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What are your thoughts?
Is it really feasible in the near future?
Anyone came across similar research anywhere?

Or is it just likely to end up like chatbots?

The AP has been using AI to write baseball game recaps for 3+ years.


I think it’s possible, but it’s a very dangerous situation. AI can generate a lot of false, fake content. So, it should be controlled very strictly. That’s one of the greatest problems of the informational era.

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I think it’s possible. AI is already being exploited by SEO blackhatters who use it to generate content , in order for their websites to rank better in Google. It’s never the technology, it’s how you use it!



Storytelling has patterns, just like our programming design patterns. If AI cracks it in realistic manner, it could produce really high quality stories some years down the line.

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Copywriter here:
Writing synopses for things, goofy Top 10 Tips for Blah articles, low-effort high-reward clickbait? Sure. There’s tons of data to pull from / pool. The data is how AI will win with writing.

However…creative storytelling? Nada. Nope. Not in one trillion years. Why? Because I do not think a machine will ever be able to make stories that make us laugh, cry, love, and touch us at a very visceral, human level, until machines know how to actually feel.

Could we replicate Nabokov, Virginia Woolf, Tolkien? Sure. Feed pdfs, convert, analyze.

Same with how we can now use AI to make paintings. I’ve read the articles. Sadly, the ones I managed to find pressed forward that somehow, nobody could tell AI made them. False. There are jpg artifacts and blur mechanics. If you work with graphics, you’ll know it, it looks like math and pixel-fudge.

But replication is derivative mimicry. Great writing is not mimicry, it’s expansive, and takes place inside the most complex and misunderstood computer ever concocted: the human mind.

Do you think an AI could write what I just wrote? I don’t think so.

So when we talk about what AI can and cannot write, we need to be specific on what we think a ‘story’ is. It’s one thing to eat data and cough up an SEO post.

It’s another thing entirely to make your soul sing. :+1:


@KiraLeigh spot on. Quality of AI produced content is so poor as of now that “questionable” is an understatement - at least today.

However tech has power to draw mass markets towards the direction it wants, and I fear our kids will no longer know what’s good / original / organic vs what’s artificially produced / nourished. Some of us will continue to pass on our refined tastes through generations, while tech, and its half-witted enthusiasts will continue to kill arts with the weaponry of crafts.

The movies and TV shows that get produced on streaming media nowadays are glaring proofs we have almost lost our original voices (except when we rely on decades and centuries old works), and there is no reason millennials will know better.

Better stories will thrive for sure, but days are not far when people will have to find them.

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Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

IDK about that, on the front of kids not really knowing any better. I feel like they’re smart enough to know when stuff is over-processed garbaggio, when it comes to stories. Now, music? Naw. Some of the new stuff on the airwaves is absolutely yuck and overly processed / compress.

That you could probs feed to an algorithm. Which is sad, but it’s already happening.

TBH I think we’ll get a push back. I’m hopeful that people will be like: no ew what is this.

Maybe I’m too idealistic?


Forbes has been testing some interesting ways for AIs to help ppl write better/faster

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Sure @KiraLeigh optimism never hurts… i hope that humans, just like AI, can correct their own course :slight_smile: