You don't need a DAO

You don’t need a DAO

It’s time to make a DAO! Anyone can make their own DAO with Aragon or DAOstack, or just by forking Molloch. Even better, you can use an augmented bonding curve to fund your DAO, thanks to the amazing work by the Commons Stack folks, and there you have it! A fully-functioning DAO with just a few days of work!

It took me several minutes to figure out what this article was about. At first I was just wondering why you have such a problem with Data Access Objects. Then I thought maybe you were talking about that Autonomous Community in Spain (Aragon).

As it turns out, you were actually writing about “Decentralized Autonomous Organization,” which involve using smart contracts ie blockchain that are used for… well I don’t really know but I’m sure there are lots of things.

Did you leave that out deliberately? If not you may want to put that in there once at the beginning of the article. It would have saved me several minutes of googling.

I should have started with the comments. I was also quite confused as to what DAO was.