Wunderbit Trading = Terminal + Bots + CopyTrading

Wunderbit Trading releases a major update to its crypto social trading platform.

Copy trade the best crypto traders with transparent track record, trade yourself using the advance trading terminal or create fully automated trading bot using TradingView.


Unleash Social Trading and Automate Crypto Trading with Wunderbit

Trading Automation
Flexible way of creating orders: adding Take Profit and Stop Loss to any order on exchanges. Operate as many trading accounts as you want at the same time with automatic execution of a trade on all accounts and let Wunderbit platform do the trading work for you.

Access to Investors’ Capital
Trader can connect with thousands of new investors and create consistent profit by applying his strategy to investor’s funds. Become a top trader and receive extra profit as a percentage of investors’ capital gain.

Multiple Account Management
Traders can manage multiple personal and investors accounts at the same time without the need of executing the strategy on each account in our trade terminal. Also, traders can connect and manage existing external investors’ investment into Wunderbit Trading through API without registration.

Zero Fees
All trading tools are absolutely free of charge for traders, unlike other trading platforms. Trader can start trading with your own capital with zero commission per trade and no monthly subscription.

Crypto Trading Bots

Best TradingView Signal Automation platform

With TradingView’s PineEditor you get the most powerful tool to create any trading strategy for popular cryptocurrency pairs, backtesting any idea and instantly see how profitable it is. You can then set up alerts each time your strategy suggests to buy or sell. With Wunderbit Trading it is possible to convert this alerts into a fully automated trading robot.

Currently, we support Binance, Kraken, KuCoin and Bittrex.

Trading signals
Trading cryptocurrencies was never easier with our trading robot.
With our advance trading tools, we created a unique portfolios of trading strategies which purely consist of trading bots, based on technical analysis and indicators with individual settings for each crypto pair. Backtesting these portfolios allowed us to construct consistent profitability within each month. And now they are available to any investor on our platform.

Invest in Cryptocurrency and Copy Trade the Best Traders

Safe, simple, and secure way to invest in popular cryptocurrencies and start copy trading.

In House Exchange
Wunderbit has its own licenced crypto exchange that allows you to buy and sell bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies with credit card, Skrill or bank payment transfers. So you can enter and exit crypto world without any restrictions.

Carefully Selected Traders
Anyone can register at Wunderbit Trading as a trader, but in order to gain access to investors’ capital, has to pass a certain threshold and achieve positive trading results on the cryptocurrency market. Their own algorithms are monitoring trading statistics and based on the performance make successful traders visible for investors. Automatic selection excludes human-bias and make Wunderbit Trading a profitable platform for each party.

Make Your Crypto Investment Work
Investor can select a trader of his choice, who would manage his long-term investments for a commission which will be deducted only from profitable trades. For example: the selected trader earned 10% gain on investor’s capital. Out of that 10% only, investor will have to pay a commission to trader. In case of zero-profit or a loss no commission is charged.

No Risk of Fraud
Traders will manage investors’ funds through the API with the withdrawals restriction. This will allow them to execute trades on investors’ account and will restrict them from moving investors’ funds anywhere. Thus, there is Zero risk investor’s funds will be stolen.

Transparency & Control
In the investor’s cabinet, the user will be able to see each trade that is executed by a trader. And the best part is that there are no fixed contracts, which binds investor to stay with trader for more that he would like to. One-click and you are disengaged from the trader with all the funds in your exchange account.