Would you be OK with using cheat codes to beat the game?


Great article published by James Davenport on PCGamer:

I’ll admit in my youth there were times when I used cheat codes to get to the next level… but it was never as rewarding as just outright beating the game.


Naaah! It takes the fun out of it! Also one of my friend is the best at Sekiro so I just watch him play ahah.


Cheat codes do take the fun out of it. I always felt that cheat codes are ok to use to further explore the world only after you beat the game.


Everyone I knew when I was younger would use cheat codes when playing the Grand Theft Auto games, and just go on a killing rampage. I was the only one who would actually complete the missions, buy my guns, etc. I never saw the point in cheat codes – they absolutely take the fun out of the game. My sister took it a step further, and followed all the traffic laws in GTA. She asked us, “how do I use my turn signal?” :laugh:

I will say this, though: Game Genie and Gameshark were awesome for exploring a game. There’s nothing quite like hacking a game to give you infinite lives by actually modifying the game’s memory…

Should we have a “Game Genie”-like feature in Hacker Noon 2.0? I’m thinking a HackGenie object in the browser console that lets you change how the site looks, modify data locally, etc…@Dane what do you think?


Awesome idea. I really like the concept of taking advantage of the console to extend the functionality of the community and eventually hackernoon.com. Maybe we can figure out how to make this fun and useful.

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I think it depends on what you’re trying to get out of the games you play.
I’m predominantly a JRPG fan, so there’s almost no point in using cheat codes, since most JRPGs are not fundamentally that difficult.

Also JRPGs are about the cast, characters, and story. If I want to use console commands [god mode] to speed through it, then I probably didn’t enjoy the game as much as the developers intended.

But if you think I didn’t use cheatcodes to get a Mew in Pokemon back in the day, oh ho ho, you are mistaken.

How everyone games is their own personal preference. Cheat codes all day erre day? Yahs, go for it <3

Want to play a game on Nightmare mode? Yahhs! <3


In general, I only play skill games (GoW, Dark Souls, etc.), so cheat codes sort of defeat the purpose. I’m not opposed to them philosophically though. The last time I remember using a cheat code was on Konami’s Contra (up up, down down, left right, left right, B A, start), but that was only after beating the game without, and because boredom.

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I wish I could use cheats to get through some of the bosses in Hollow Knight! I mostly play strategy/building games and think mods are okay if they add to the experience without changing the difficulty.

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