Will this forum die and became just a list of empty posts with links to HN?

rhetorical question

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I don’t think so. I think we’ll work toward more discussion about Hacker Noon stories. Overall community DAU and MAU are up significantly. @arthur.tkachenko if you don’t want to discuss Stories, you can join the other categories instead, which we also added to the top navigation of every page on the site:

or top:


@arthur.tkachenko it’s probably also time to revisit the design choice of the community.hackernoon.com homepage. here are some options if you have a strong opinion.

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Not sure if adding a homepage to forum make it better.
I still click “latest” in order to see what is going on.

I made pause at this conversation - but as you may see as well(2 weeks late) - forum became a appendix to HN, not a separated place.

Not my business, but after conjunction - forum became less valuable asset(and not diversed).

Especially when topic that i’m interested are constantly buried.

It should definitely remain a place for discussion and not just links to stories. I think the categories will help.


I hope for the same, but statistics is on Stories side.

Again - I love to explore new stories via forum. It’s fun and cool. But I also feel that my comment will never get a reply, because of all new articles that posted each day.

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