Why you shouldn't trust all VPNs on Google Play Store

Why you shouldn’t trust all VPNs on Google Play Store

There are over 250 apps in the Google Play Store that pop up when you search for VPN, but not all of them are worth downloading. Even more - most of them you should stay far away from, and never install on your device.

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Some countries - especially those ruled by a dictatorship- always try to spy on thier citizens in order to keep them under control.
VPN were developed to help you keep your privacy. Take NordVPN for example, it has no-logs policy and uses a military-grade-encryption, In simple words it makes it impossible for your governor to spy on you. On the other hand a free VPN will record your activities and serve them on a golden platter to the first client.
I recommend you check out this website so you learn more about how VPN search on google play was manipulated and how dangerous free VPNs can be https://vpnpro.com/blog/how-to-manipulate-google-play-rankings-and-get-280-million-installs/