Why you should code as if you were preparing breakfast for your partner

I am the typical engineering, so I am not creative AT ALL! and when I started learning web programming one of the first things that came into my mind was: ‘Why to bother learning front-end at all? Afterwards, I will try to land a job in back-end anyways.’

Now that I am halfway into the curriculum and after doing a big project on Ruby, I realised that programming is like preparing a meal for your partner, especially that breakfast in the morning where she/he is feeling lazy, and you want to surprise them!

Like cooking

When you are preparing a meal for yourself, you don’t need to worry that much about the presentation, and you make sure it tastes good enough. On the other hand, preparing a meal for your partner can be tricky since you will worry about all the details and the outcome: 'Is it warm enough? Is it tasty? Will they like it? ’ are just one fo the things that you are going to ask yourself once you finish cooking.

Just like CSS and HTML when coding using a language like Ruby, you should not worry about the result, but wouldn’t it be nice if the outcome you give is ‘warm enough, tasty enough and they will like it’?. You can do astonishing things just using the coding languages that I wrote in here, but the sky is the limit when using additional ones.

A big meal

Imagine that you are having dinner with your partner’s parents and you decide to try a recipe you saw on a cooking show. The meal you are preparing is complicated, and you can taste only the pieces that make it. Are you going to eat it at the end? Or are you going to try out your food by bits to see how it’s going?

One reason that many people like me don’t try to make something pleasing to the sight is because we are always out of time (you can say it is because of our creativity, and you’ll be right too). Making MVP’s (minimum viable product) is a great way to go, sketch what you will like your outcome to look like, then perfect it.

The cherry on top of the cake

People say that you must have skills or creativity to be the best at it, but what is true is that practices make perfect. Of course, you can say that you are not going to be like those guys who always make fantastic stuff with simple tasks in pages, but trust me, you will get better. With time you will start noticing the things people find more interesting, how to make them efficiently and how to always improve your outcomes.