Why should I watch Game of Thrones? - asking honestly


In a few words, could you let me know why I should watch the series?

real conversation between me & unicorn.



My only argument for, not taking into account that I really enjoyed the books, and they do a pretty good job with the show, and I more or less agree with this unicorn character (except Dragons have never been my favorite sort of beast in a fantasy world…), is that, at this point, if you haven’t seen it, there ends up being a rather large gap in your shared pop culture experience. Not the end of the world, obviously. But a gap nonetheless…

Imagine having a conversation with someone your age and they never watched or read Harry Potter. It may never even come up, but if it did, the pregnant pause would be palpable (though the world still wouldn’t come to an end…).



GOT will make you feel emotionally attached to the well being of a character. You start pulling for them hoping they’ll find some way to overcome adversity in a brutish world. As soon as you get hooked, the character will get randomly and gruesomely murdered. Then they are forgotten and the world moves on.

It makes you appreciate the fragility of life.

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Game of Thrones has amazing character building. Talking about the books here. But suprosingly, the tv show manages to portray the characters and build them up very good. One can also never expect the outcome of situations. The hero does not always win in this series and that is one other reason why the books and the show became so important.

TLDR; Character building is amazing and if you are tired of heroes winning all the time no matter the odds, this is a good show.

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I think it is a pretty good memory exercise. Trying to remember all the characters and the interlinks. Also, some things are so different and fucked up that it really makes us think about the human values.

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It’s just a preference, some people doesn’t like marvel movie right? Try to watch first two season and you decide to continue it or not.

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I had some trouble with the first season, because I read the first book and in my fantasy the costumes were pretty different for instance :wink: that said I finished season 3 about 1,5 years ago and it’s okay. There’s one scene, which reminds me of the saga Die Nibelungen or Nibelungenlied though and I knew the “newer” movies by Harald Reindl. But, no spoilers…

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