Why Sandals Are Better Than dress sneakers

  1. The smell

Underfloor shoes are common in the summer - unless they are sandals. When it gets out of the heat and our feet sweat, bad things can happen if trapped. If they are broadcast, stinking bacteria do not get a chance to stink, and the world is a happy place!

  1. Aesthetics

Shoes you can wear in the office or otherwise make. They have failed. Sandals, on the other hand, can be well-crafted, especially with great designs for the 2008 season. Shoes aren’t going to impress with this quarter’s results - a perfect pair of sandals.

  1. Access

One last thing you want to do on a hot summer day is to get out of your shoes. When you are walking along this body of water, and you feel the urge to sink your feet, do you really want to walk for five minutes with laces? Blurring with a maximum of thirty seconds straps, you have to waste as much time as possible.

  1. Infection

Fungal infections love the moist, moist conditions of a good warm shoe. They do not like the dry and hot conditions of your fingers. Save yourself and your family from a world of grief and itching and hang on to the shoes of the past on Memorial Day.

  1. Love children

Your kids are going to love sandals for these reasons. This means really crying less and playing more on hot days when you need all the help you can get to reduce anxiety. A glass of lemonade and a pair of sandals will make your baby happy this summer!

  1. Less waste in your trunk

When you’re on summer vacation, sandals are much more compact and easy to carry than a pair of shoes. Like a pair of shoes, two pairs of sandals will fit in the same luggage space - some airlines are lobbying innocent passengers when you consider new luggage charges!

  1. It is possible to exercise!

With new sandal designs available, you can work as hard on your sandals as you did on your shoes. If you could do the same with a sandal, why would you want to tie your feet up with a dirty old sneaker? Don’t make difficult choices.

  1. Walking on water

Walking in the water, to be more precise. If you want to be extra careful on the beach, you can’t walk in the water or swim in shoes - it’s not practical. You can do this with sandals - some are made, in fact.

  1. Eco & Fair Trade Minded Shoes

You are more likely to find eco-friendly styles, such as cork sandals, sandals than dress sneakers . Shoes almost always contain plastic that is far from environmentally friendly. They are also more likely to be mass-produced than sandals, which reduces the number of candidates they can get through fair trade. With the help of sandals, it is easy to get your feet green.

  1. Being fashionable

That’s right- where you can’t be caught dead in your shoes, you can be caught on camera wearing sandals. Sandals are a hot sneakers and it will only continue when our summer heat arrives! Go with the program and remove those shoes from under your gym bag, where they belong

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