Why is everyone so silly angry or afraid of Craig Wright?

Should we not all show a little bit respect for his creation? Everyone knows now that Satoshi and Craig Wright are in the same team. It’s just silly to neglect that today. So many did already confirm that CSW was very much involved in the creation of Bitcoin. (George Gilde, Gavin Andresen, Jon Matonis, Ian Grigg)

Why is there so little respect for CSW ingenuity. The whole crypto industry started with Bitcoin. But everyone calling the attempt to save the original economic idea wrong. It’s disturbing how orchestrated the efforts are to taint this man as a scammer. Seriously – why is there not one article on hackernoon with some appreciation for the gift Craig Wright made to the world? Why is there not one article which talks about the sheer volume of developments in recent months on the BSV chain?

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