Why I'm Wary of White-Label Services

Why I’m Wary of White-Label Services

Last month I saw the funniest headline I can recall outside of The Onion. As USA Today put it:

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It’s tough to determine what parts of your business and job should be outsourced or not outsourced. As CEO, maybe the logical solution is that all your work should be outsourced, as in, whatever work you’re actually doing is work that can’t be scaled. But in practice it never works like that, and if any service is involved, talent performs as talent is. SEO is such a funny industry, @masonpelt really like how you put it as “a word that for many means anything related to the internet and marketing in any way.”

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I agree with you fully, my focus on agencies & pro services firms is that they are already one layer of outsourcing. If a company has already said, “we want to outsource this.” – How many middle layers between that company and whomever is providing the services are really acceptable?

I mean, assassin, subcontracts to a hitman, who white-labels a gunslinger, who goes to an in network freelancer, who hires someone from craigslist… :wink: At some point the client is getting ripped off.

haha that is such a funny title.

counter point: maybe the customer who’s hiring a hitman deserves to be ripped off.

Well, perhaps services like design, production, advertising & development can strive to be just a bit more trustworthy than murderers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YG6DifUtPvs