Why do you think there are less females in african tech


I attended a tech meetup recently and there were about 50 persons present. 45 males and 5 females, me inclusive, and it got me thinking. Why do you think there are fewer females in the African tech scene? And how do we change this?


That sounds similar to the rest of the world. Getting women into STEM seems to come up again and again. Lots of governments and companies put effort into reducing this spilt.

For reference, I studied engineering in Ireland 20 years ago, in our year of 60 only 10 were female. To get into engineering you needed a honors result in physics and maths. At the time these subjects were not available in all girl schools in Ireland.

Now a lot of work had happened to address this issue in schools today. But the majority of my peer co workers are male because there weren’t as many females engineers graduating when i was.

This is one example, sadly you’ll find many others i am sure. But at least under standing where the problem is we can address it, hopefully before my daughter enters the work force,in my case.


I agree, it’s not just the African tech scene – it’s the tech scene. It’s a boys club for sure, and there are a few issues I see, but the biggest is this: men are not welcoming to women in tech. It’s like you’re a unicorn or something, being a woman in tech, at least from what I’ve seen and heard…you’re treated like an anomaly, an exception to the rule. And women are talked down to, and generally treated like they don’t know what they’re talking about or that they’re beginners even with years of experience…I don’t think it’s a problem of women not getting into STEM. I think it’s a problem with men encouraging women to look elsewhere.

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Yes, unfortunately this phenomenon is worldwide. Still not many female in tech in the Silicon Valley either :frowning:


This problem is making me very angry!
Just find this: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/relationships/love-sex/60-of-male-employees-are-uncomfortable-working-with-female-colleagues-study/photostory/69429530.cms

It’s so old-fashion, stupid and unfair! In my country is also a huge problem. But it’s a worldwide thing. I was in shock, when i read an article from TechCrunch, where they explaining this - Senior Female Engineers/Developers have not equal salaries with other Seniors. And this is one of the progressive places in the world!


Yesterday I read a CV from one of my intern. She is 3rd year student from India. And she was a mentor of a program - that has a goal to teach 1 mil of women to code. briefly, at summer\winter she teach a 1st year girls structures and basic math logic. I decide to shot them a message. Here is links: https://1millionwomentotech.com/request-invite/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/1millionwomentotech/

As one of my activity related to teaching students practical coding skills - i hope i’ll be useful to them and maybe will clean up my karma a bit.

I tried to contact our local WomenWhoCode representative at Kyiv - but maybe she is not interested to continue to work with this org(sad thing).

"Coding school" project diary

@barine What do you think is necessary to do in order to at least reduce the gap?