Why am i so hangup on Methodus?


Methodus is the framework I’m using for NodeJS applications. I’ve designed it myself, while working on projects in my AT&T day job. The original reason for it’s conceivement was allowing a flexible architecture for a microservice based application, led by a group of indecisive architects and product managers.
So as a developer I was trying to extract the unknowns which were mainly the way the microservices will be deployed and what will they contain ---- which is a lot.
So Methodus was born. Using the framework I’ve extracted all the Transport layer components (Http, service-bus, websockets etc…).

Normally I don’t like frameworks unless they’re really good, like Angular for example, It’s a great tool if you submit to it. On the server side there are still vacancies for different approaches.

Check it out if you like, https://methodus.dev