Why 50% of ERP projects fail? But, it is a reality..?

We know, you never want to be on that list. That is why we have realized that such a topic has relevance here. Let’s start with a short case study.

While the British telecommunications company Vodafone consolidated its CRM systems on a Siebel platform, they faced issues. The business did not go beyond its means of advertising this, but individuals began to realize that payments were not adequately credited to their accounts. Later, the consequences were far worse.

Now, you know the importance of ERP Software for business. As in, billions of dollars are now denominated for proceedings for unsuccessful ERP and CRM. 21% of the companies that replied to a 2015 Panorama Consulting Solutions study identified their latest ERP roll-out as a failure. These ERP projects fail for many of the same reasons. The most prevalent cause is an inefficient executive sponsor who is unable to respect the entire organization, who is not interested in the projects or who is distracted by other duties. Other forms of failure include poorly defined program objectives, inadequate project management, bad funds, and bad data cleanup.

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