Who the f*ck is Going to Build Enterprise Blockchain Solutions?

Who the f*ck is Going to Build Enterprise Blockchain Solutions?

Blockchain topped LinkedIn’s list as the #1 most in-demand hard skill for 2020.


Dragonchain (www.dragonchain.com) is an enterprise-first solution. It was spun out of The Walt Disney Company and designed to reuse enterprise assets. Smart contracts may be written in nearly any programming language, the infrastructure scales using Docker and Kubernetes. Interchain (BTC, ETH, ETC, NEO, Binance) are already live.

We demonstrated 250,000,000 production transactions on a live public chain last month.

Come visit us and learn how your enterprise can use the people, skills and resources you already know.

I’ll second Dragonchain as an amazing blockchain platform for enterprise (see: hybrid platform allowing the benefits of decentralized block/data verification while protecting private business data) and really for any developer looking to transition into blockchain development.

The ability to build smart contracts in any language using tools as familiar as Docker containers is remarkable. Know Javascript/Node.js (or Python, C#, etc., etc.)? You’re already ready to build smart contracts.

You can see how easy it is for even a mediocre developer at my (shameless plug) blog at https://herebedrgns.com with examples on basic contracts, unique asset tracking (somewhat like NFTs, inspired by Cardano/New Balance), and more to come.

By the way: LOVE what y’all are doing at TryCrypto. Definitely going to dive deeper there!

Thank you for your article. I’m not a developer and I certainly don’t play one on TV but I am a community member that listens. By far the most common phrase I hear when devs talk Dragonchain is “It was so easy to use!”

The lack of experienced blockchain developers is worrisome especially with how fast we move through technological advancements.

Dragonchain allows for engineers to code in any language with zero blockchain experience. In addition they can integrate any existing legacy system to blockchain. This is beneficial to an enterprise because blockchain onboarding can be done quickly without re-education. In addition, it can be done at significant cost savings as whole legacy systems do not need to be developed.

With blockchain in its infancy this approach is crucial for adoption. Dragonchain believes in working with other projects to help foster adoption of blockchain technology. Take a deeper dive into their ecosystem and I believe you will find it to be the answer you seek.

Yes digital transformation makes Blockchain on top. Max company looking to build cryptocurrency business like BitCoin. But it is hard to build and maintain that. we at Ionicfirebaseapp have been planning to build blockchain with collaboration with other developers and companies.

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