Who is the best full stack developer?


Best full stack developer


You mean here?

@austin is the best I have seen on this platform!


Ah, thanks Malik! :blush: But I know there are other full stack developers, on this platform and elsewhere, who are much better than I am.

I think of it like a skill tree in a role-playing game. I’ve spent a lot of time on the Linux, Javascript, and Cryptography trees, but not so much time on, say, Kubernetes or GraphQL. Compare me to a Kubernetes expert, and I’d look like a fool. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s all relative. You can only compare certain “skill trees”, not overall development prowess. I could be wrong, but that’s my gut feeling.


Haha! Atleast, you are one of them.

Yes, I love what you are doing (not focusing on one thing).

I like having at least idea about something.

You didn’t narrow your knowledge only on programming line, you did for Cryptography and others. That’s really cool. I love it.


Not You!

Not You!

Not You!!!

Not You!!!


-Ragnar Lorthbroke-


I think it is hard to say who are the best in this sphere,I know there are a lot of them here and they are good specialists

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you mean world?


A best full stack developer is someone who is specialized in everything from front-end to back-end. I’m sure this is most general and common explanation about a full stack developer. A developer who has the general knowledge in all steps from the concept to finished product to a fictional figure with a virtually unattainable skill set is something I’ve heard about.


Your reply is much appreciated, but I never found the questions intent was to receive a definition.


Oh well, I’m new to the community and felt it was to ask what makes the best full stack developer hence put up some things I’ve heard about.

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Well that great!