Which laptop are you using?


I tested it from huawei experience shop and searched ıf there’s a chronic issue: device seems like good. I think huawei can beat apple macbook with this product. I’m going to purchase it in a few months and will write my review.


Okay, cool.

Anxiously waiting for your review!

BTW can it beat MacBook?

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Last time I read about it, they were getting roasted by windows for an apparent backdoor.


I was a diehard Windows user until I started working for my current company, but now I’m using Mac about 75% and Linux the rest. My main setup is a Late 2012 Mac Mini Server w/ 2.6Ghz Ivy Bridge Core i7-3720QM, 16GB DDR3 RAM and two 1TB hard drives. I dual boot it with OSX 10.14 and Ubuntu 16.04. I’ve been using it daily for about two years now and absolutely love it.


8 year old Thinkpad X201 / Ubuntu 18 LTS


sony vaio svf15219snb


MS Book 2 16 gigs ram, i-7 .500 gig ssd. If I every need something more I can fall back to my desktop lol. So far I have only used desktop for Linux




Macbook pro and HP

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MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports)

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Doubtlessly, it is going to be MacBook!

You’re silly, It’s a Thinkpad x220

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Wao, cool.

I love portable devices, 12.5 inches is really cool! :crazy_face:


I’m using a ThinkPad T480s, specs can be found below. My previous laptop was a ThinkPad W540, but I decided to upgrade, since it pretty heavy, with its 3.5kg (when you include the weight of the charger).

I’m currently running Ubuntu 18.04. I switched from Windows about a year ago and I have absolutely no regrets. Ubuntu is awesome with good battery life, native docker support, snapcraft store, etc.

For anyone looking to buy a new laptop: Keep in mind that buying a MacBook doesn’t automatically make you a (better) developer. All you really need is a text editor and or an IDE which you will find on any OS and hardware :wink:

  • i7-8650U CPU @ 1.90GHz
  • 24GB Ram
  • 512gb SSD
  • Mat WQHD (2560 x 1440) 14 Inch screen

Great specs!

I love these lines!


A bit too late to join the game, but I’m using the macbook air 2015 and a surface go as a side :smile:


15’ MacBook Pro with touchbar. That touchbar is only used for volume control and screen brightness control.

For data science work and web development.

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Mac is unanimous winner😉
Mic’s down :microphone: :sweat_smile: