Which laptop are you using?



It’s random category.

I really love to see people using great gadgets.

Let’s see the laptop you guys are using… Doubtlessly, it is going to be MacBook!

You guys are big boys :blush:.

If you are using desktop computer, then show us your desk.



What’s a desktop? :roll_eyes: lol just kidding.

I'm using a MacBook Pro 2015

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015)
2.7 GHz Intel Core i5
8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3
Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB

4 years old now and still gets the job done :muscle:



I didn’t notice that, thanks!

I am also a MacBook (apple) fan, but not using it (for now, but definitely try it in future).

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I went with a Lenovo Thinkpad P51, since at the time, Macbooks were limited to 16GB of RAM, and at my last company, I kept running into that limit. I have to say though, if I were making the decision again, I’d still choose the Thinkpad. It’s a solid, reliable, fast machine with everything I need – I can’t recommend the Thinkpad series highly enough. When I work at my desk, I have an external monitor I use sometimes, and I’m thinking about getting a second monitor, one that’s in portrait mode, for my text editor.

Curious to hear what others are using! I’m especially curious about setups for musicians, graphic artists, programmers… I bet @derek and @trent have interesting rigs!




I will watch reviews about Lenovo Thinkpads.

Lenovo isn’t really popular here – most people thinks it isn’t a good product!

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Interesting! The lower end Lenovo machines aren’t that great, but the Thinkpads are more solid in my experience. I’m curious, what are the popular machines there?

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my first laptop ever was a 19 inch blue lenovo. it was very heavy. now, im a macbook look-a-like.



i used to have an apple’s macbook 2015, but now im using a mackernoon (will launch later this year!)



Great question!

I’m definitely a mac user. I switched over to MacBook Pro for personal use back in 2007, and haven’t really looked back, although with Apple’s direction of continuously reducing customizability, I’ve been sniffing around the PC trees to see if there’s anything as solid and dependable as Apple’s offerings. I’m leery of PC’s; my memories of them always include a tinge of headache when brought up for review.

I’ve been using a MacBook Pro mid-2012 since 2012, and it’s been a trusty device. I’ve recorded an EP on it with Logic Pro (best DAW around from my perspective), and had been editing The Hacker Noon Podcasts on it, until I realized that I should give the poor thing a rest (the fan was a more or less constant companion). Before switching, though, I upgraded to a 500GB SSD (best decision ever), and the RAM to 16GB. It has become my personal use computer.

Back when I was working big corporate, I used a Thinkpad. If my days are ever filled with spreadsheets again this is what I would use. A solid workhorse machine, and the Windows keyboard shortcuts are lightyears ahead of MacOS.



I got rid of my macbook pro 2015 and got an ipad pro 11 inch for most day to day work. I also have an iMac 27" for most heavier computing needs, and I have a Dell laptop given to me by work. I am open to going back to a macbook pro laptop, but apple laptops have really gone downhill since their 2016 design. They need some new blood in there. I’m not optimistic about their next versions either. We’ll see.



HP, Samsung, MacBook, Dell, ASUS, etc.

I guessed Lenovo phones made people detest Lenovo products, most people had bad experience with it – maybe because of the specs of the Lenovo phones. I mean low battery capacity, slow, etc.

But Samsung and iPhones rocks here! So Samsung Laptop and MacBook are common.



I am crushing on your workspace. I really love it. Nice!



Thanks! I’ve been considering a standing desk. Well, the lower half of my body is making demands for one, really…

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Yes, you are damn right!

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A 2017 iMac with an external monitor.
Alongside that, for travel use – a 2015 Macbook Air.



I love your keyboard and mouse – minimalist.

Thanks for sharing! :blush:

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It’s a Dell Inspiron 15.



This is going to be a good gadget, if it is the one I am seeing.

But there are many Dell Inspiron 15, can you clarify by telling the specs (processor, ram) or the generation.

And are you a developer also? :blush:




i5 7th gen, 8gigs of ram
250 gigs ssd, 1tb hdd
some ATI radeon gpu

Yes, I am a dev.