Where do you think the CBD industry is going?


with all this hype around cbd drinks I am wondering where the industry is going


Unsure. As I can only really comment from the marketing side, having clients in the CBD industry, I’m not strongly aligned towards any inevitable outcome.

The difficulty in understanding what the future holds is going to come down to particular state-wide interpretations of what CBD actually is, what the government itself [at large] also defines it as, and what public perception entails.

It’s also going to come down to marketing and technology. If a product cannot be adopted by larger platforms due to its nature, it will inevitably always have a challenge rising above. Especially considering how payment gateways have kaboshed CBD-related products in the past.

This is in-line with the Vaping industry as well, they face similar challenges due to the nature of the products. Even if CBD isn’t anywhere near Vaping or MM, inherently the optics still stand, and advertising platforms don’t want those optics on-board (or make it very hard to promote).

I’m in RI, and CBD-related products are fine for sale basically everywhere. But I’m not sold on the longevity of the industry, either.

Mostly because public perceptions boil down to: is this another vaping / MM thing?

When clearly, it isn’t.

I can’t say what the future is going to hold. All I know is that certain industries are so new, and still have certain ‘optics’ surrounding them, that there really isn’t a precedence for what the roadmap for these industries entails.

If I get more word on what’s going down, I’ll try to add something more valuable, but for the most part it just seems like there are roadblocks literally everywhere, and nobody knows what’s going on.



that’s indeed fascinating. What are the biggest challenges that you had in terms of marketing?
I know that for cannabis some companies use billboards as those are state regulated rather than federally

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Facebook will kabosh anything it thinks is relating to showing medicinal claims on anything relating to CBD. Instagram does the same.

CBD can be marketed as ‘keep calm and chew on’ or something, if it’s a food like a gummie.

Reddit has shortly followed suit, as of Dec of last year.

I’ve been able to wiggle around Reddit but it’s just because I have the account karma.

These industries all suffer where digital marketing and advertising is concerned:

  • Vaping
  • MM
  • CBD
  • Blockchain / Crypto
  • Adult products

The goofy thing is that these are the clients (for me) who could benefit most from a more covert / wild west platform like Reddit…and yet Reddit is flipping burgers on it.

I have yet to see a billboard for CBD in RI and we’re pretty chill about it.


That pretty much describes the status of an entire industry–the makers of products containing cannabidiol, or CBD. The compound, added to everything from skin cream to ice cream, can be derived from hemp or marijuana and has been touted as a treatment for ailments ranging from anxiety to cancer. The catch: “It’s still in a legal gray area,” says Bethany Gomez, director of research for Brightfield Group, which studies the cannabis and CBD industries.

Marijuana is subject to a patchwork of state regulations. But the 2018 farm bill would remove hemp from the list of controlled substances, opening the floodgates for hemp-derived products. “Everyone and their mother is starting a CBD line right now,” says Gomez. "It’s absolutely a gold rush.