Where am I supposed to write?

When hackernoon and medium were combined, it was best of both worlds. My 1500 followers got notifications of my articles, and now no one does? Seems much less effective? I saw posts about connecting medium to hackernoon but none of them explained why?

Should I be writing on medium and cross posting so my followers get notified?

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I found that you can import stories in medium - maybe submit to hn and once they are published - import to medium as well?

Anyone have a fully automated syndicate everywhere solution?

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Publishing on Hacker Noon first, importing to Medium and then publishing on Medium I think is the best option for your use case. Wish this could be automated, but the Medium API is winding down as part of their pivot to becoming a paywall publication.

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Cool - thanks @David - looking for the most effective ways to reach the most people!

I don’t have a personal blog yet, but if I did, what is the preferred way of tying that in?

When/if you get your personal blog up and humming, you can add anchor text links on your past Hacker Noon stories and/or canonical links on future republished stories. Also consider what page on your personal site is most important, and add a writer call to action to that page.

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What about automation of submitting articles written on personal blog via RSS feed or something? Is that planned?

Yep it is :slight_smile: