What's Your Slack Screenshot of the Day?


what’s the best thing from your slack today? screenshot here.


first one! credit, @austin:

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Haha the real credit goes to Tom Hall of id Software, the artist behind Commander Keen, who came up with the concept for Doom: “there are these aliens, and all you know is they’re green, ugly, and pissed!”


Not for today, but this is my most exciting Slack yet apparently.

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Context: It’s not from today, but I had been talking with @Dane a few days earlier about what will replace Javascript, if it will ever be replaced, and I suggested a Web Assembly-based Lisp dialect. Then, on Github, I saw the notification in the screenshot.


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credit, @Dane


Our community… :sparkles:

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A recent conversation (had to redact a couple off-topic work messages lol), with a zinger at the bottom (most of us were WFH that day):


Our team wanted to create a new domain for our internal API. The idea was to use an anagram of our company’s name panya.

We listed all the possible variations and voted for what we liked best. A few days later the team received an email saying that naapy was successfully registered. Little did we know, nappy meant diaper in the UK. shanekins, our Irish developer, was the first to respond:

TLDR; We ended up picking the shittiest domain possible :roll_eyes::poop:


hahaha. you could always open up a diaper store or delivery service in London for additional revenue?


@dane is a dreamer:


Haha that’s awesome, I think at this point you should keep the name. It will make an amazing addition to your origin story. :laughing: