What's your preferred way to take notes?

  • Old-fashioned pen & paper
  • Phone

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I used to be such an advocate for pen & paper. But recently I’m really into the note app due to convenience.

As it’s the beginning of the month, feel free to post your to-do list here if you fancy :slight_smile: Here’s mine:



I voted Phone but I’m not really an avid note taker. Google Docs would probably be my top choice.



it depends. I feel like paper is def better to remember but to keep it long term I prefer phone (notes app)
Does anyone use Evernote? I’d love to know why it is so awesome!



I voted pen and paper, because when I have to sketch out an idea and get my thoughts out, pen and paper is my go-to. Two caveats, though:

  1. I mainly use my reMarkable tablet tablet to take handwritten notes these days. Does that count as pen and paper? It’s e-ink, and it feels like paper…but if those notes are worth anything, they’re probably being auto-transcribed into a digital format.
  2. If I’m writing down a story idea, it’s going into Microsoft OneNote. My handwritten notes are too disorganized to manage story ideas.


I used to use Evernote, before I switched to Microsoft OneNote. Evernote had a mass exodus of its top executives not long ago, and the whole reason I started using it was because I saw the former CEO, Phil Libin, give a talk at a conference and I loved his philosophy…it was a really cool app though.

It had a lot of tools for taking notes in different formats, including a “web clipper” you could use to save parts of web pages in your notes. More importantly, you had full ownership over your content, and there was very little that Evernote did with your notes without your consent.

Lately though, between the mass exodus and the lack of improvements to the app, I figured the app was dying and I should switch to something more reliable and active. I’m not the biggest fan of OneNote, but it does what I need, and I do like the way I can organize story ideas.



At my day-to-day job I mainly use OneNote for creating templates that I can fill out and one-click email. That is for incident summaries, spec sheets, documentation, etc. Mainly for sharing and manipulating data.

For my own ideas, learning, and pleasure I write in dot journals as it helps me with ruling, organization, and drawings. I like keeping my notebook with me that I’ve written in for years. It feels like I can easily take it out and recall something quickly.

I’ve taken loose-leaf notes while learning and transferred them slowly to a nice new journal. I would come up with organization systems from there and ways to illustrate its abstract topics. I’d write and rewrite the notes in an order that made sense to me while solidifying it in my head. I tried to imagine I’d use it for a reference in the future (probably not…), and for others to read from the start to finish and really be able to understand (probably not…). It helped me create something which was organized on paper and organized in my memory.

It’s nice to be able to sort of remember what page I wrote on versus hopelessly scrolling through the thousands of notes I’ve taken in Google Keep before I started journaling.