What's the Future of Remote Working?

I didn’t think about it from this angle:


Hey @arthur.tkachenko, great article idea. You could go really deep with this one - there are so many fascinating angles to the remote working debate.

My two cents: I first started working remotely 18 months ago, following a relatively huge acquisition event at my old company. Having lived and breathed that team at that office for four years of blood, sweat and tears (quite literally); I was completely burned out and desperate for a break.

So for me, the benefits of remote work for both company and contractor are undeniable because consulting remotely saved my sanity - to begin with. But: about six months in, I realised that - while I was getting pretty good at surfing - I hadn’t been getting good at being a remote team mate.

Because successful remote working demands that you develop a whole new set of skills, especially if you’re in any form of leadership role, or startup, or “turnaround” situation.

I think Scott Hoover sums it up really well in this article: https://hackernoon.com/9-keys-to-remote-freelancing-c060727fda40

Freelancing requires two skills that are almost as important as being [extremely] competent in your trade. One is marketing and the other is project management. …Take your communication skills up several levels. This key is a close cousin to project management, but is big enough to be its own point. A good freelancer must be an exceptional communicator.


Hey @arthur.tkachenko!

Thanks for this thread! I’m really looking forward reading your article!

Should you consider addressing the angle of tools that support and empower remote team, let me know.

I’d be thrilled to present you Achieved. :slight_smile:

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I read some articles at HN about tools that support work of “remoters” @growth

It’s a great suggestion to put some sort of collection - that save time for people without offices :slight_smile:
Like Trello, GitHub, Slack, Zoom, AirTable, Gmail, etc

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most productive remote teams announced today


It’s because part of the team located in Ukraine @David :slight_smile:



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I’m looking forward to read your article! Would be awesome to hear your thoughts in talents access, remote-first, team management, etc. Are you going to publish on Hackernoon as well? Saw you mentioned you want to move away from Medium (if I still remember it clearly haha)

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@whizzoe yeah, all new articles will be published at HN. old one - just lazy to copy-paste them, but it will be done soon or later

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Good topic! I noticed that more and more people look for a job that allows them to travel or at least do this more often. And of course, here a remote work is a good choice. Also some of my friends had work and travel experience. They found a job in the country they wanted to visit being at home, and then went there. It let them travel the world, work and thus have money for living. Personally I’m not sure, this is a good way for me. Maybe I would try it if I were a graduate today, not several years ago.

@henry123 it’s never late. don’t wait for some “crisis” for start to accomplish things that you want.All limitations is our head and “fear” is just a method for protecting our genes, not us :slight_smile: