What's The Best Way To Schedule Posts?

Is there a protocol in place for writers to indicate when they’d like to schedule a post to be published?

With the previous Medium setup there were instructions to indicate the desired time to schedule a post in the sub-title in order to let the Hacker Noon editors aware.

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Thank you to Utsav Jaiswal on the Hacker Noon Facebook group for resolving this question!

Answer - Include the desired launch time at the bottom of the post prior to submitting.

[To Be Published at hh:mm on dd/mm <timezone>]

hey @adamhurwitz ost scheduler is in our product feature funnel, but likely wont be live for a few more weeks. @utsavjaiswal’s suggestion works well during interim

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Hi @David, a few weeks is not too long to wait for a post scheduling feature, but if you are interested there is an alternative implementation that might be easier.

Right now a post is submitted, then reviewed, and once reviewed immediately published.

A different flow would be for the writer to submit, for the editor to review, and once the article is reviewed a button appears in the writer dashboard to publish when they see fit.

Just an idea, please feel free to ignore it.