What will replace Google search?

I find the Russian “Google” and “YouTube” Yandex.com much better than the North-American Filtered and Promoted results. You might need to install a translation extension to your browser unless you can read Russian. :wink:

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Has anyone taken a look at Presearch.org? Been using the platform for quite some time and I’m earning Pre tokens for using the site. Google makes money from your data when searching but this site gives back to its users.

Everything appears mostly still in beta but they do have an engine like DDG, engine.presearch.org. I use their portal and it allows me to direct my search query to the engine of my choice plus I’ve also added a few providers on my own.

They’re doing some pretty cool stuff and outside the box from what I’ve seen so far. Even if I direct my search to Google I’m earning something so…


Although I’m accustomed to searching in Google, I like the concept of DuckDuckGo. It’s the internet privacy company that empoweres you to seamlessly take control of your personal information online, without any tradeoffs.

Privacy-friendly search is a typically case of Google alternatives.

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Anyway, this threads reminds me the eassay of PG:

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Top three things to mitigate search bias:

  1. DuckDuckGo
  2. Browser in Private/Incognito Mode
  3. VPN tunneling

I’ve recently started using Opera because it has all three built-in!
Very impressed that Opera provides VPN within the browser. How can we be sure it works well is my question.

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I hope it’s not Google will be replaced, but rather Internet search. Humans will learn how to organize information in a more effective way then indexing web pages. We’ve been much more handy with organizing objects around us as we’ve been doing it for thousands of years, while Internet is very new. But we’ll learn how not to search it one day and instead will organize it.

Maybe thru some kind of blockchain technology yet to be put into play.

Young people use Instagram for searching.

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