What will happen to old Medium stories from HN v1.0?


Hi everyone!

Not too long ago we received an email asking for permission to keep showing old content published on HN 1.0 also on HN 2.0. How will that work for those of us who want to keep our stories showing in our HN 2.0 profile?

Option 1: Will Medium stories published on the old HackerNoon Medium publication remain there from a Medium perspective and HN 2.0 will simply link to them?

Option 2: Or will the old stories get removed from the HN Medium publication, leaving them orphaned without any Medium publication, and will their text get copied over to stories hosted on HN 2.0?

Sorry if this has already been discussed, we couldn’t find a relevant thread.



Check this video for some detail


All I found was what they offered to Medium (which meant Option 1 on my post above) and this vague wrap up: “writers can either keep their stories with us or remove ’em and they can always remove their stories if they want.”

So which one is it? Will the HackerNoon publication on Medium continue to exist with the original posts or not?


Hey @geekonrecord - if you opt in to our terms (and by being on this forum, you did!), no worries! Your stories will be safe in Hacker Noon 2.0, breaking no links. All your stories hosted on Medium.com will revert back to the Medium links as well.

Here’s more info: https://hackernoon.com/your-most-frequently-asked-questions-about-our-terms-of-service-how-to-opt-out-and-more-66abf239a151


Thanks @linh, very helpful!