What we can learn from Medium "mistakes"

  1. Usually, my feed and newsletter contain things that they want to promote. Aka paid subscription advertising, aka articles with stars.
  2. My followers told me that they didn’t receive notifications when I publish my new article.


Hey thanks for sharing, I definitely relate to things that disconnect the contributor from their community. The good news is, our success or failure over the next year+ has little to do with how medium works; it has a lot to do with how we make hacker noon work better than it does today.

What is the best way to notify subscribers that you’ve published?

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Good question!
I think there can be 3 different methods.

  1. add notification to the “bell” - like it is on Medium
  2. weekly notification to email(with option to disable this feature if user don’t want to have it)
  3. main HN feed and section at sidebar where new articles from people that you follow will be displayed



I just saw this and i’m upset. I need to moveout from medium quickly :slight_smile:
To hackernoon, of course! (going sleep, this is why so much youtube)

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