What was your first game job?


I saw a couple of interesting posts on twitter about first game job, would love to know which one was yours. eg " # MyFirstGamesJob was coding the bouncing vegetables in Banjo-Kazooie for @ RareLtd . What an awesome start to the industry and a time I still look back on fondly today. :)"

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I don’t know if it quite counts, but my first game job was doing social media management for a gaming Startup. It was only recently, but I was…really, really, really happy to be a part of it.

I love video games. My life goal is honestly to just work in video games. I’m more creative-artsy and lessy techy, even with my background in running [gasp] private server MMORPGs on my old windows 95 computer [back in ze day].

I love…love video games. That’s so awesome you coded for Banjo-Kazooie. I still have my cartridge somewhere. Gets me hyped about that age of gaming, back with the PS1 demo discs.

Kind of feeling starstruck right now. T_T



Oh very cool! How was it like to do social media for a gaming startup?
what do you play atm?

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@caternoon It was really fun. I made a lot of great connections, and still keep in touch and help when I can. It’s probably one of the healthiest workplaces I’ve worked in.

Nerdy gaming people are amazing humans. I felt at home.

I play JRPGs mostly :stuck_out_tongue: Tales of Symphonia right now, and an mmorpg called Tree of Savior. You?