What VPN services aren’t telling you about data logging

What VPN services aren’t telling you about data logging

Can you think of any popular VPN service out there that doesn’t have a big “NO LOGGING” tag attached right on front of it?

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None… All of them claim no-log policy. However, if you are smart enough, you could make a little geo/political investigation, and you’ll find out, that most of the providers are based in countries where they must keep logs, and if the government asks for them - they must give them. Only Express and Nord are out of 14 eye jurisdiction (British Virgin Islands and Panama) without data retention laws. So I trust only these 2 providers. I use Nord, as I like its interface and performance along with the price more, than Express. I know, that Nord have a discount now so discount

You are right. The sad thing is that providers aren’t very upfront about their logging policies. If they DO keep logs, they should just go ahead and say it. Being devious about the whole issue only harms their own credibility.

The problem of truth in advertising as always been there. Folks need to do a thorough review of the options available before purchasing. A quick DuckDuckGo of “VPN reviews” should have been anyone’s first step before purchasing some software.