What songs or movies illustrate programming concepts?


I really love “Turn Down For What”, by Lil Jon. One of my favorite things about this song is that it perfectly illustrates a Do While loop. It initiates an action (another round of shots) followed by a conditional statement (turn down for what?). In my spare time, I try to find other similar songs, movies or pop culture references that describe programming concepts. Have you come across any of these?


I find that The U.S.S Make Shit Up by Voltaire is a nice hacking/startup song.

If we find we’re in a bind, we just make some shit up…

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Hahaha, that one is awesome! Good call!


I’m obligated to share a verse by one of my favorite groups, Run the Jewels:

The money want me to have it
I have a hunger for data
I’m crunching numbers and crack unbreakable safes while I’m at it

Song: “Panther like a Panther”
Artist: El-P, Run the Jewels
Album: Run the Jewels 3

This isn’t explicitly about hacking, but the hustle is there. The “hunger for data” is what really reminds me of programming. Not to mention, safecracking and lockpicking have been hacker pastimes since MIT in the 60s.

That, and I’ll gladly accept any excuse to post RTJ. :point_right: :fist_left: