What’s a tech product you wish existed but doesn’t?

I’ll start: An implant that allows you to download a library-worth of information into your brain, that you can readily access and utilize in your thought process, and knowledge, without having to learn it. That you can recall on your own, without having to access the internet.


i wish hw crispr kit allowing to reprogram source code of bamboo cell to grow 100 times larger and grow completely carbon neutral quake tornado resistant skyscrapers along with 3d traffic routes(branches) and underground tunnels and engineering pipes(roots). All that just by tweaking one gene ;D or similarly reprogram 100 times bigger algae and grow cities underwater

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Wow, that’s fascinating, did you randomly just come up with that?

well I did comeup with the idea when thinking about what more outrageous thing to put to my CV right after click and double click and email receiving skills. So it just sits there over a year and it curiously worked a treat since still not hired ;D yay. But I am currently working on it and researching what is our current understanding of coding of organ shapes in DNA for new article. heck I am even trying to train stylegan on bamboo images and then pass ny cityscape thru it to see what would bamboo city look like

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Well, it’s definitely more creative than my answer, I’m pleasantly surprised haha, kudos to that.

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