What relic of the oldish internet / tech world do you miss?


90s kid here who’s having some kind of nostalgia-situation.

I’m wondering where all the goofy Windows 95 CD video games went, and what ever happened to Myst.

Share your nostalgia! I’d love to hear what you used to love (websites, games, programs, etc) that have either gone the way of the dinosaurs or kicked the bucket for good.




Is the AOL Instant Messenger still a thing? Chatting has gotten so much better since those days. Good times though.



I’m pretty sure AIM exploded a while back. 2017, in fact. It ran for 20 years! Oh my gosh.

Discord is pretty great for chatting, but yeah, I miss AIM too.

Remember when Emojis were once called…emoticons? :stuck_out_tongue:



My fiancee constantly asks me “Are they called emojis or emoticons?”. It’s pretty shocking how advanced she is in some parts of the internet and how behind she is in other areas. It’s like she is half millennial and half baby boomer on the internet.

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I feel like they’re just called emoticons though. Why are they called emojis, anyways?

Speaking of chat platforms, do you remember mIRC?



I have to ask now: did you ever play The Neverhood? It was a point-and-click adventure game like Myst, but with claymation, beautiful claymation that still holds up to this day.

Did anyone else frequent Newgrounds as a kid?

I can’t be the only one…does anyone else miss the dial-up sound? I don’t miss anything else about dial-up, but the sound was great.

Thirded. AIM was fantastic for what it was. I was introduced to so many people through AIM, through mutual friends…it was the perfect addition to Myspace.

Speaking of Myspace, that and Geocities were the best for custom pages. I don’t care about whatever fancy component-based engines are out there now. Geocities and Myspace were accessible. How many people do you know that wrote HTML, maybe some CSS, just because of one or both of those sites? How many people do that now? That, I miss more than anything: the creative web.

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Never got into Myspace but loved Geocities. Too bad that service didn’t evolve into something better.

I was a fan of Newgrounds. I was really into Flash tower defense games at one point.

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The creative web is still there, it has just taken a different forms. I do agree that A LOT more work needs to happen in this space though. It seems like a lot of social networks thrive by lowering the barrier to entry. Participation often means writing a few words and copy and pasting something. These twitter-like networks are not inherently bad, but they shouldn’t be as dominant. We need more options to better express our ideas and share our creations.



I saw this recently, an attempt to bring back Geocities



I’m not American so never was into AOL.

There’s a version of it in Vietnam though - Yahoo 360. I remember blogging for 2-3 years during my teens there (circa 2005-2007). Lots of good stuff. You know, teen angst and coming of age and what have you.

Then one day, Yahoo just decided to cut it off altogether. They may have notified the users in someway. I never got the message. All my 20+ blog posts gone in a day. Still resentful to this day.

This should have been a cautionary tale for me not to ever, ever be overly dependent on any one platform… yet here I am. I’m glad that HN is building our own CMS from scratch.

Next step for me: try to imagine a world where I don’t have access to my Apple products, or iCloud, or Google. Where will my most valuable online possessions live?



flip phones and the dial up sound



Zune :grimacing:



Just miss the old style of forums. Also age of emperors and all the ‘backyard’ sports games



I got introduced to the web for the first time around 2004.
The best online games lived on Miniclip.com.
Yahoo chat rooms were the best thing on the internet.
And, I also remember having to call the local branch of our ISP complaining that the ‘internet wasn’t working’.



I miss mario brothers-gameboy combination. I played games with different devices, on the other hand I can’t feel the same way.



and the dial up sound



Myst is available on GOG: https://www.gog.com/game/myst_masterpiece_edition



I have not played Neverhood, no. Now I want to!

Yes. Newgrounds was my jam, famola.

I only miss the sound for memes :stuck_out_tongue:

They haven’t quite left. If you circle around the nerdy RP / anime / gaming communities, they are still kicking. :slight_smile:

Fam I still got my neon green gameboy and play it! It’s fun! :slight_smile: Or you can…emulate games You Already Own Once You Dump Your Cart.



Burning CDs with the latest hits for the weekend party :smiley:



I still burn CDs for my mom :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
And y’all can still do that!