What new stories/topics would you like to be published in hackernoon software dev category?


Generally for writers coming up with topic that helps other software engineers/developers is not easy. If there are any software development topics you would like to read posts about please add them as comments. Thanks!



There are a lot of tutorials and guides out there, and I personally love reading a lot of them. However, one thing I don’t see a lot of, which I really enjoy, are tutorials that combine some aspect of software development, and integrating it with IOT devices, or some other type of interesting device.

As an example, I read an article recently from a developer, who took a grill surface thermometer, and connected it to his laptop. Then he created a React dashboard that would automatically update with current temperature readings. This way, he could grill a pork shoulder, go inside and watch youtube videos, and continually check the steaks without having to go outside and check the grill all day.

There are plenty of fun projects like this, and I just think they are super fascinating, and would love to see more of them! I know that’s an extremely vague answer, sorry!



As an engineer, I’m really looking for articles showcasing what’s trending in technology and how it can help in our day-to-day jobs; there are one too many articles about why React or Vue are better than Angular or why we are wrong for writing in PHP instead of Typescript. Tell me more about your journey through vim or emacs, or how you set up a serverless backend to automate some mundane task. :slight_smile:



Great question! Here are some topics I’d like to read about, in no particular order:

  • Implementing GraphQL
  • Progressive Web App tips, implementation details
  • Accessibility
  • Fighting the borrow checker in Rust
  • Anything on Lisp, any dialect
  • Software architecture best practices
  • JAM stack
  • Programming and computer history
  • Game development, especially with Unity or Javascript
  • Opinion pieces on any of the above

Hope this helps! :grin:



Some how to for beginners :slight_smile:



now a days we lack about real practical workshop
use X build Y
show how to start to finish on some app
like clone Tinder with React Native

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Content pertaining to AWS IoT Greengrass and IoT Analytics would be cool to see.

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These topics:

  • Everything related Servers/Storage/CDN. AWS, Vultr, Firebase, CDN and other stuffs.
  • Popular Programming languages like JavaScript, Python, and others.
  • And also interview/experiences in software development – as a software developer, you should tell us what you’ve accomplished, how you did it etc.
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