What Linux distros do you prefer for development?

Just wanted to know what you all think the best desktop and server distros are for development?

So far I have tried out Fedora, Ubuntu and Solus for my desktop and Ubuntu, Fedora Atomic and CentOS for the server. Liking Fedora and CentOS most!

What do you like most?

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Ubuntu has always served me well. What made you prefer CentOS over Ubuntu?

I’ve currently got both a CentOS and Ubuntu server running for different purposes.

When I first started down the path of Linux servers I quite liked Ubuntu as a lot of convenient things were preconfigured, such as the syntax highlighting in nano. And I like some of the features of apt, including autoremove.

But after switching a lot of my services to docker I ran into a number of issues with docker networking due to the way Ubuntu handles its own networking and I faced difficulty fixing it all. Sadly can’t remember what the exact issue was but it was related to the networking changes in Ubuntu 19.04 iirc.

CentOS meanwhile has been running very well, with me easily able to customise networking and firewall rules as I would like. Although I have found it mildly annoying having to go and install things like syntax highlighting separately, I appreciate that I chose the minimal image for CentOS to cut out any unneeded packages - so that is likely a result of that.

While I like both I have just faced more serious issues with Ubuntu and so now favour CentOS.

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