What I've Learned in 19 Years as an Online Gambling Affiliate

What I’ve Learned in 19 Years as an Online Gambling Affiliate

I think pretty much everyone knows that the online gambling industry is a very profitable one. I was fortunate enough to start working as an affiliate marketing online casinos in 2001. At that time I was attending the University of Central Florida getting my Bachelors of Finance.

Indeed, the meaning of quality content has changed over time, and for all the good reasons. Even today, Google’s new algo updates kick off some major website to the rock bottom.

Great to know that you survived through it. Kudos to your company.

Thankfully, we no more get to see articles with uselessly stuffed keywords on the SERP. Glad that lazy content creators are out of business. However, I still sometimes find crappy businesses put up crappy content with 5% keyword density in hopes that they’ll rank on top. I feel sorry for them.

Great to read your insights man! You seem to have been through it all in the age of internet.

And I checked out your website, looks great. But don’t think BTC is going to hit $24k by Christmas as you say in one of your blog posts. The reason mentioned in the blogs don’t even closely justify the price hike.

Anyway, thanks for sharing this post.