What it takes to be a better writer besides writing more


Do you actively spend time improving your writing? Not just by repetition but by getting feedback and re-writing. It could be about grammar, creativity, persuasion, story-telling and most importantly readability.
When I was asking a collegiate advisor on why do we need to score well on exams such as the GRE, the response was “So you can communicate on the same level of the people in your work environment”.

Years later, at the tech office, almost nobody spoke on something you would read in a GRE/GMAT exam. Conversations were casual and email messages were simple. You could even say the writing was at the sixth grade level. So what is the right way to write?

After reading many books including topics on influence, persuasion and copywriting, I realized that the idea behind reading is to influence. Then regarding influence, it is suggested that story-telling has better influence especially during presentations. Of course, not all writing will be influential nor presentations but a message understood is a message well written.

Now that I’ve been writing more, I practice active improvement in writing. I’ve hired some editors to help but that is a long feedback cycle. Now I’m seeking tools for that. I started using http://www.hemingwayapp.com and find it to be very useful as a free service. What apps or services do you use to improve your writing?


Hemingway is a good app.
I also use Grammarly.

I think that hiring editors is a good move. Yep, it will add additional steps before publishing. But this is how it works, I assume.

As I’m not a native Eng speaker(and I learn it only lately) - sometimes I need to translate my articles. So I print a few versions of a text and read it without PC.
Like 1) write text on the Russian language
2) print it
3) highlight all long sentences(it’s my weak spot)
4)~in one week replace text with my notes
5) print again
6) start to translate at English
7) print it
8) realize that this is text for a few articles
9) Grammarly
10) put content at Medium editor and maybe change something again(because you visually can see how reader will see your article)


Does Grammarly subscription worth paying?

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