What is hackernoon 2.0?


I see a lot of talk about it and some people saying they are building it. What exactly is it?


In a nutshell, Hacker Noon 2.0 is Hacker Noon moving off of Medium and onto its own custom-built publishing platform (I’m helping to build it, along with our CPO, @Dane, and our Design Hacker, @faithcorinne). We’ve taken to calling this new platform “Hacker Noon 2.0”.

That raises even more questions, though, like:

What is it built on?
Why move off of Medium?
Why build your own platform?

Hopefully the links above will answer at least part of your question. :grin: If you have any more questions, please, post them here and I’d be happy to answer them! I also opened an AMA thread a while back that goes into some of the gory details, if you’re interested.


Oh, okay! Thanks for clearing that up. How am any devs on your team right now and what is the timeline for getting into production ?