What inspires you to engage with content on Hacker Noon?


Great stories on Hacker Noon might be in the form of stand alone stories. Other writers might turn a good story into a series. Are you more inspired to read and engage with content if you have a series of stories to follow? Or do you prefer jumping from one story to the next on your own?


I suspect seeing content from an author you trust plays a major factor here. A good headline, topic, image, or a ton of reactions could also draw attention.


I can tell you what drew me to Hacker Noon, at least. I was a hardcore Hacker News fan, since 2009, but the “orange site”, as people call it now, had faded in its glory, its popularity, and its quality over the past few years (especially in the comments section).

I had been seeking a replacement news source, and after a few links were shared in my last company’s Slack channel, I discovered Hacker Noon. Here was a place where quality stories mattered. Here, I could find the latest on what developers are doing, what tools they’re using, which languages they’re excited about. Combined with dev.to, a handful of Twitter accounts, and a smattering of random blogs on Feedly, Hacker Noon has replaced Hacker News as my go-to source for developer news. The “orange site” isn’t even in my top sites on Firefox’s “new tab” page anymore – it’s Hacker Noon and this community forum, right behind Google and Amazon. :slight_smile:

To answer your question more directly: I like to jump around, but if a post merits a series, I’m more than happy to read more. I don’t look at it as series vs. individual posts, I think of it more in terms of what the most interesting stories are. It’s highly subjective, but that’s the nature of the problem.

The one thing I missed about Hacker News was the discussion around the stories – it seems like not as many people discuss stories on Medium. However, with the community site, I’ve found a home for developer discussions, and interesting conversation in general. I’m a lurker by nature, and I edit endlessly, so it’s been a challenge for me to post frequently, but I’m getting there.

This is turning into a wall of text. tl;dr Hacker Noon is where I come to find out what’s going on in the dev community. :smiley: I don’t worry so much about series vs. individual posts as much as what interests me personally. Hopefully that helps!

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