What industries will VR disrupt?


VR headset has been dominating the gaming & e-sports industries. How about others? I expect one of those is fashion commerce. VR will help people not to go out & try on clothes.


I think restaurants and hotels are the path to mainstream VR content consumption (assuming the user accessibility headset problem is also solved). Getting a better look around where you could eat and sleep will go a long way toward driving business to specific restaurants and hotels.


Education…more vr tech will kick up economies of scale in this sector - at least in developed countries first.


E-sport, adult and education system have to change. You don’t have to go to the college. You can see the live lesson from VR device. Freelance work may have get more power.

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I just ordered the new Oculus Quest headset and I’m excited to see how it performs. Untethered/Wireless VR seems amazing. Being able to visualize company reports and interactive data manipulation would be truly astounding.

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