What happens after an article is edited?

It says my article has been edited, what is supposed to happen next? Will it automatically get published?

Hello Sarah, in many cases, the articles are first reviewed by a junior editor, and then a senior editor. It’s likely the piece is waiting for approval from a more senior editor. The final decision could be either the publishing of the article or a rejection.

Thanks for the response! Do you know how long this process takes and when I’ll know if the piece was approved or rejected?

Once it’s edited, it shouldn’t be too long of a wait. Could you PM me the link to the draft or post it here?

Sounds good. Here’s the draft: https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/dXeLgUTZ9f619burY9qp

Once it gets reviewed will I have to manually publish or will it automatically get published since it’s been about 7 days?

Hello Sarah, so it looks like the piece is already published :slight_smile:

We actually don’t automatically publish anything, we have a team of editors. Someone has to review. We try and keep the turnaround within a week but occasionally it might take a bit longer. We were in the process of hiring some more editors to help us keep up with the demand.

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