What do you think the future is for Cross Platform application development?


There has been a lot of discussion lately on Hacker Noon about Cross Platform development. Many developers are turning to technologies like Flutter, while other prefer React Native. In a post published today, Justin Mancinelli reviews many of the popular choices, and compares the pros and cons of each one. The Future of Cross-Platform is Native.

With new cross platform technologies being developed, what do you think will emerge as a favorite among developers? Do you agree with Justin, that the future is Native?


The future is probably some JS solution. There is a massive hoard of people with limited JS experience eager to write apps. I don’t know if a solution exists today that is easy enough to get started and has an intuitive enough API to empower that crowd. I imagine adoption will look a lot like jQuery adoption but at a bigger scale when the right solution comes along. I know a lot of people are probably groaning at that thought but getting more people writing code is a good thing.