What do you think about PWA?

Do you agree that PWA is the future of mobile web development? And why yes/not?

Progressive Web Apps or PWAs are ruling the tech world. Since their arrival, almost every application is moving towards a progressive web app or is planning to do so.

Most probably yes, Progressive Web App (PWAs) is the future of mobile web development. This is because a normal app will give you the facility to work from the home screen of the mobile but that’s it. It will send you notifications or updates but only when you are online. But, with the introduction of PWA, you will get a list of benefits, such as:

  • Loads pages faster
  • Increases the conversion rate
  • Opens website without any URL bar
  • Engages users with push notifications
  • Allows easy navigation
  • Allows accessing a website via Home screen icon on the device
  • Most importantly, permits working on weak or no internet connections

Companies started using PWA:

  • Pinterest
  • BookMyShow
  • Twitter

Hey! I’d like to add some cases to the list you’ve already mentioned.

I’ve recently published a post on “Progressive Web Apps You (May) Use Every Day”, you might be impressed how many famous services already offering PWA solutions!