What discussion categories would help improve these forums?

It seems like we have a lack of engagement problem on these forums. I suggest that the categories we are using don’t cover everything that people may want to talk about. Here are a few that I think would be helpful, but if anyone is on and sees this I’d love to see other suggestions.

  • Commentary for articles - I am often using HARO, Twitter, etc. to get expert commentary. We can use each other as resources if we can ask for commentary here.
  • Bugs/Additions to HN publishing tool and forums - It’s good to give the community a chance to give feedback on the platform they are using. Like I’m doing here.
  • Feedback on Articles - I know we risk that everyone will post all of their articles on here, but sometimes it’s really hard to get objective feedback.
  • Off-Topic thread - If we want to build as a community we have to be able to socialize less formally.
  • threads for prominent categories of specialization – marketing, PR, devs, fintech, etc.
  • Ask the editors thread - There is no way to have two way discussions with the editors we submit to. Doing it on a thread may be a useful way for HN to address some questions about best practices, why some things are accepted, why some things take more time, etc. and what we can do to help.

Right now if I had a bar graph to express it, it seems at a glance that the most talked about item on the forums is “why isn’t my story published yet”. the optics are bad around that – we need more structure to share. ty, Justin

I think it would help to have a beginners forum where the knowledgeable help the least. Give them advice on what to read, where to go and what sites etc. It seems that while I have been here there has been a lot a negativity towards the less experienced. This way maybe the knowledgeable can arue on points of interest and we can all thearn from that.
Is powershell better than windows command and the differences etc.

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