What Did Node.js Provide that Rails Didn't?

What Did Node.js Provide that Rails Didn’t?

When I graduated with a Computer Science degree at the end of 2012, Ruby on Rails was at its peak popularity with the startup crowd. It seemed like every hot startup was using it.

Great article man. I really like hearing about other developers experience getting into programming and evolving along with technology.

For some reason, programmers who create open-source javascript libraries frequently make major changes.

Dude yes. :point_up: I do not understand why this is a thing with Node.js development. I feel like people were sick of frameworks in the Java and C++ days never updating badly written frameworks just to not break backwards compatibility. So of course, they just went the complete opposite way and update their frameworks every other day lol. To be fair, I feel like this has been getting a little better over time but I still dread updating node packages I am using.

As someone who got into Node.js development first then got into Rails development later, I feel like I can throw out a few things I have noticed coming from the opposite direction.

  1. Initial time investment to learn rails
  2. Writing performant code on top of a framework that is already relatively less performant is hard

The second thing really ties into the first thing I said but I think something that scares people away Rails is learning the Rails framework. There is definitely something to be said about mostly batteries included frameworks that take care of a lot of the set up for you, but I think there are a lot of developers out there that like the idea of having more granular control of how their backend code is set up. I feel a lot more lost when something goes wrong with something Rails specific vs. some small middleware function I wrote in a Node app.

To the second point, I feel like it takes a lot more time to really learn rails then most people think. Since Rails does not perform quite as well as Node, I feel like any performance issue you have with your own code can choke out a Rails app much easier than a Node.js app. This really comes back to that time investment of learning Rails. I have seen good developers make small mistakes with Rails that has killed API performance.

In the end I think they are really both great frameworks for the web :sunglasses: