What are your thoughts on Live Trivia Apps?


Have you played any live trivia apps before like HQ Trivia?

Have you won any money?

Do you think they’re here to stay?

Are they disrupting traditional media?

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this ‘interactive’ trend.

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I’ve played on and off since last year, it was pretty impressive to be in a live game with over one million people. The popularity is falling but they are probably here to stay.

Someone created an app in the beginning that guessed the answers with something like 80% certainty, it got shut down.



Thanks for sharing Mike!

Why do you think the popularity is declining?

Have you won any prizes from playing?

Let’s say you have a popular B2C mobile app… If you were able to integrate a live quiz show into it, would you do it? If not why?



It was a novel concept but popularity fades, I never won because I suck at trivia, but those that did win only walked away with a few dollars most of the time.