What are your opinions on Progressive Web Apps?


Do you think they fill up a space between Native Mobile Apps and Traditional Web Apps ? Does this aforementioned place really exist ?



I think they’re a great idea, the line between native and web apps will have less and less importance as network connectivity spreads and transfer speeds increase further - if you can load an app almost instantly over the web then it isn’t necessary to have it conventionally installed.

I feel they work well because they still provide the more pleasant experience of an installed app vs. a page in a browser while taking advantage of web technologies like lazy loading and easy install procedures straight from the site itself.

There are even people aiming to merge OS with the web too, taking it even further…



In my opinion,yes PWA will fill that space, it’s like websites on steroids :slight_smile:
They are more suitable for certain projects than native apps are,moreover it is easier to update and promote.
That’s why I believe that future will depend on PWA, even when I know that progressive web apps aren’t perfect yet.

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