What are the killer features you'd like to see in Hacker Noon 2.0?

Hey Han, unsure if it’ll be from day 1, but we plan to support canonical links on republished stories.

Helping people grow their personal and business sites is something we want to get better at. One way we’ll be going this is more customization on the profile page. Unlike today, we’ll have anchor text linking in the bio, and we’ll be empowering the contributor to make prominent call to actions on their profile page (like buy my book, demo my software, hire me, invest in my company, etc.).

Today, we actually are a BAT certified publisher and have accumulated some tokens, but the challenge of proportionally distributing is pretty tough from an accreditation and logistical point of view — and we have a very overbooked roadmap with limited dev resources — but I am certainly open to it… right now, given the amount of tokens we’ve accumulated, it doesn’t appear worth it to put all the work to only distribute a couple tokens to contributors. The best solution to earning tokens is probably earning our own tokens (which don’t exist right now)… but if we were to make a way for people to earn tokens, I think allowing people to only earn BAT doesn’t make sense. Would like to learn more about what worked and didn’t work in 21.co / Earn.com’s airdrop system…


Instead of having a story setting for creating a canonical link, I think we should just have some form of originally published url setting which we could use to generate canonical links. We could also add a first published on X link to the story.

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I apologize if this has been previously mentioned, but I would love to see more detailed stats on referalls to views. i.e. which keyword was searched on google to bring up my article, which video on youtube linked to my article which tweet got the most link clicks etc.


No apologies necessary! :grin: I know others have mentioned stats, but I don’t believe anyone has mentioned anything that in-depth. As a writer, I’d like to see this as well. I can tell you it won’t be there from day 1, but we’ll be working our tails off post-launch to get you more data on your articles, deeper insights than what you have now. Thanks for your suggestion!

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Sure! I imagine it can get a little complex to get these stats showing nicely! I await the day! But it’s killing me on medium right now…

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Do you have any suggestions, where team can see something similar that you want? I also think that Medium stats is “bad”. Like maybe some product, that you know, have a good stats coverage - and it will help to visualize what exactly should be done.
I was thinking that Twitter gives some interesting stats. But to be honest - they never helps me to change something, by looking on that stats, you know.

I haven’t got any great examples. Maybe use google analytics as a base guide. But key thing is finding out exactly how users are navigating to the article, and also I’d like to see where they go after reading it.

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We were talking about using something like this tool, which shows total engagement, backlinks, mentions, etc… (broken down into specific sites). Pretty neat. @Dane & @taners - any new development?


The best feature would be faster approvals :slight_smile:


I’m not sure how this could work in practice, but could Hackernoon have a simple graphics editor?

I think one problem writers might have, particularly in tutorial-style articles, is that creating custom images/diagrams can take a while to make (that is, assuming the writer is comfortable with tools like illustrator).

Also, ready-to-use photos aren’t always available online (mainly due to copyright issues).

Having a tool that’s as easy to use as hitting the “+” button on a new paragraph might improve article quality, and reduce the number of wall-of-text posts.

The editor could use the default hackernoon style (the green and pixelated look), which would also make articles feel more hackernoon-y. It could also offer the option to use hackernoon art in-article for free. Maybe it could even access a gallery of graphics created by the community (like unsplash).

How useful/feasible would this be?

Word! And we will once moved off the Medium system!


Maybe it’s a good idea to partner with some companies like Canva, Crello(“clone of Canva” from Ukrainian founder). For Photos i’ll promote Pixabay. They are very friendly - i chat with a team few times - they are cool.

But not agree about having NH style editor. Only white paper.

About moving away from Medium.
I was thinking lately about migrate all my articles to HN(at least good one). The best way is for sure - print my articles to paper - make adjustments(my english skill advance a bit for the last year) and then only re-publish them on HN. But what if some people will join the movement and will decide to automatically migrate.
Because in my case - I’m addicted to HN and it bring me a lot of views. And with the latest changes - i’m sure that Medium wouldn’t want to promote my free articles.

Another idea is to have something like personal blog system. So it wouldn’t show on the main part of the website, but when someone opens my profile it can see my blogposts as well. Sometimes i don’t want to spend a lot of time on writing, i just want to type my thoughts and hit publish.

Another idea. I’m tightly bound to Grammarly. In my case - articles without it will be really bad. Because I have bad relationships with English rules. I think it can be a cool idea to understand what code we need to have at editor, in order to 100% supports their assistants. And they’re from Ukraine too(important for me)

What do you think about having some sort of “interviews” section? What I mean: I’m planning to launch some product. And a good way to promote it is an article. But when i’m asking my own questions - it looks a bit stupid. Maybe it’s an egoistic idea - but just want to share it. It can be bound with peer-review somehow.

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Wow! That sounds cool.

What do you mean by this?

Plan for a mobile app - I know it’s not a killer feature, but still curious…


I will be more than happy to do so for Singapore events. I need to get out of the house more often anyways. :rofl:


Absolutely agree! Easy for those that are not familiar with META tags and HTML to understand and implement.

Also, when stories are exported into Hackernoon 2.0, it is paramount that stories with canonical links have them ported into the new site – otherwise things can get real screw-y with SEO. If the cano link suddenly disappears, there’s no telling how search engines will react. I hope that the team is aware and is already planning a way to have META tags imported into the new Hackernoon!

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Some rating to authors based on their content


Give people the option to decide whether their post is a code tutorial or not. If it’s a code tutorial, there are some different fields you’d have to fill in, but the UI on the published post would be slightly different. In this case, it would have a button for ‘demo’ and a button for ‘repository’. Maybe even add a documentation style side bar that they can navigate to different sections. Scotch.io does a really great job design-wise for their code tutorials. The reason being, people interact differently with educational/tutorial posts vs. reading a regular blog post.


You could expose the number of peer-reviews on the published article in some way (e.g. number of stars). You wouldn’t have to block publication on peer reviews. Then, the more peer-reviewed an article is, the more you want to make it visible, like putting on a special peer-reviewed home page section, as someone suggested, or include it in weekly newsletters, etc.