What are the killer features you'd like to see in Hacker Noon 2.0?

Calling all feature requests! We want to know: what do you want to see in 2.0? What are we missing now? What is the one feature that would make you go, “wow!”?

  1. Editorial calendar with ability to see the queue of pending articles. Like where is my post in a line?
  2. Some sort of newsletter digest. Check TechMemo or Sip from ProductHunt.
  3. You can collaborate with ProductHunt Makers. They have a separated place, related to goal on blogging. And I think Its a dream for a lot of people to being published on HN.
  4. Stats like Medium has - but maybe with more statistic. Or figure out how make people read more
  5. Some sort of an API and maybe React component, that will help to fetch all author articles and display a “List of Cards” with links to articles. (I find it’s hard to grab all my stuff from Medium and place links at my Gatsby/Docusaurus website)
  1. I am with arthur.tkachenko , especially on points 1 and 4 above
  2. Maybe also a wy to leverage the community’s social media network to expand articles reach. Something along the lines of triberr.com
  3. An option to edit the default text displayed when sharing on social media

All great ideas! I’ll talk over all of these with @Dane when he gets back, but I wanted to address a few of these ideas in particular below:

We definitely want to give you more feedback on the editorial process, and we will have a “Recent Activity” feed in 2.0 that will tell you when an editor has opened, edited, or approved your story. Of course, that doesn’t tell you when an editor will actually open it – it will be difficult, but I think it’s doable to give you an estimate. It won’t be there from day 1, but I’ll talk to Dane about it as soon as he gets back. :slight_smile:

As for stats, there’s definitely a lot more we can do than we provide today. What sort of stats would you like to see @arthur.tkachenko @patriciadehemricourt? Any and all ideas are appreciated!

We’ve actually been talking about an API, and that’s a perfect use case, Arthur! It won’t be there from day 1, but an API is a part of our long-term strategy. Giving authors access to their posts alone would be incredibly valuable – thanks for that idea!

We’ve been talking about newsletters as well. @arthur.tkachenko what sort of content would you like to see in the newsletter? Top posts? Or more of a hand-curated collection of interesting stories? Just curious what you have in mind here.

@patriciadehemricourt I’ll personally make sure point #3 is addressed in 2.0. :slight_smile: As for point #2, triberr looks interesting, and we’re always looking for ways to amplify the publish button. I’ll bring this up with the team, for sure.

Sorry for the wall of text! If you have any other ideas, suggestions, criticism, or anything, please share!


Please use a graphql

I think the quicker way is to see how others did it. It may be not good for my friend Jeremiah, but this is how it looks his TechMemo


New feature: I want to have an advanced bookmarks. Where i can have tags or something. Because my bookmarks at Medium looks bad


well done search and filterable with alerts global calendar of conferences and events with confirmed attendees. this is pretty useful for me.

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Thanks Austin,
Regarding additional stats, I was thinking of readers’ locations and where readers who did not read the entire post stopped reading for example.


Yep #1 is a MUST have…
I submitted an article before the weekend and what’s usually a 24hr turn around is now 3 days in - so would be great to have some visibility in that backlog.

Keep it up guys!

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Data viz of the day or week


I don’t agree. I think it never was a 24h turn around at HN.
Did you use a https://contribute.hackernoon.com/ in order to simplify review process?

I agree that we all want to have our ‘baby’ published ASAP, but HN is a very popular media, and to be honest their queue is far quickier that other magazines are. A lot of online magazines have ~3 months gap, so…

I think HN need to use more help and more tools. Like code can be shared between people, editorial work too. I think form + email should be updated with form+ slack+bots, etc…

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Thanks bro - that link really helps.
And in my experience - turn around has been super quick for articles I’ve published.
In fact - that’s a big reason why I love these guys - things are fast. I’ve published to Mission & StartUp before & it takes ages…

Anyway. I submitted a request on the link.
I’ll sit tight.

Thanks for the help,


I hear that number of an articles submitted is tripled, and this is cause some slow down

I think peer-review possibility between authors in Hackernoon will be a good way to promote the community-based tech blog, to reduce the workload of the Hackernoon internal team and prepare a base step to use the blockchain concept in Hackernoon. At first, we can point some accredited authors and let them co-review the post. A post can be published after, for example, 3 approves. This is rather a conceptual and abstract idea and I hope I can answer some questions if you have.


+1 upvote on the digest

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I really like this idea but I’m not sure I’d want to make publishing depend on getting 3 peer reviews. One of the bigger benefits of HN is the ability to get an opinion piece out there without jumping through a ton of hoops.

Do you think it would be viable to make peer reviews a post-publishing option? So say you put out a piece and other writers would have the option to do a peer review. If the piece hits some threshold of say 3-5 reviews then it gets added to a Peer Reviewed section of the homepage.

This might not be a good approach but I’m trying to find a way to maintain a simple editorial process while getting the benefit from peer reviews.


That’s actually a nice idea! I would love to see that!

I like this a lot too. Makes a lot of sense for deeper analysis pieces. I also am excited about possibility of flow where requests for edits on smaller pieces become a co-authored longer form piece.


Let’s integrate Github with HN, so new article will be at *.md format and queued articles will have ability to receive comments/edits i agree, it’s so nerd-like