What are some newsworthy Developments in Blockchain Technologies?


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  • The downfall of ICO’s and the incredibly fast-growing trend of IEOs.
  • The underground masternode communities on Discord
  • The mysterious and super exclusive FPGA market & farms

Just three things off the top of my head. Tons more to write about.


Intriguing, where can I find more information about this topic?

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I think it is the continuous development of some cryptocurrencies. Especially in the privacy-niche, most privacy coins like monero, veil, pivx are always bringing in something new, something innovative to satisfy users. Example is in the introduction and tweaking of bulletproof protocol to reduce transaction data sizes which has always been a burden to privacy coins.


Initially everyone thought POW consensus algorithm used by Bitcoin, was a blast for cryptocureencies built on blockchain, then POS stole the shine. Little did we know that some projects will embed both POW and POS consensus algorithm, example is VEIL. Blockchain Developers come up with new ideologies and implement them, hence the huge need for blockchain developers recently.


I agree with you, this integration of POS and POW algorithm in veil brought about double earning. You can earn while mining or staking or both at the same time.


Why are the masternode communities underground? I understand it’s nothing mainstream but is there something to be kept secret about them? Doesn’t it benefit everybody to delegate/stake tokens to masternodes if one cannot afford to run a masternode?


“Underground” is a word often used in hip hop for I guess “non-mainstream” – I meant it in that context, not that they’re secret communities. Hope that explains my words :slight_smile: